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How it started for me 

My journey with Yellow Bamboo started back in 1999 when a friend of my family showed me a video he recorded of people doing exercises on a beach in Bali that looked like Yoga mixed with martial arts.

What first really caught my attention was the self defense demonstrations where they would knock down an attacker without touching them. 

I thought that if there is any chance that this really is possible I just have to try it, and also, the personal and energetic development potential seemed huge to me considering how fast they seemed to develop their inner power.

So I started learning the basics of Level one and after some time I went to Bali where I started practicing directly with the founder and the high level teachers.

I have been a certified instructor since 2004 and during this time I have organized trainings in Bali, Sweden and the USA. I am currently at level 10 of the system.

In 2004 I was part of the “Wake Up Live The Life You Love” (Motivational speaker event in San Diego) where I taught Yellow Bamboo. The same year I was also asked to represent Yellow Bamboo on US national TV on the talkshow “Unscrewed” on G4TechTV where I was interviewed by Martin Sargent.

During the summer months at Sunday mornings I hold free trainings of Yellow Bamboo at the beach in Tantolunden, Stockholm, Sweden.

Besides Yellow Bamboo I also practice Hao/Wu style Tai Chi and Nei Gong.

During the days I work as an IT consultant specializing in telephony systems.

I am available upon request for Yellow Bamboo trainings, consultations or healings.

For questions please email me at peter@yellowbamboo.net

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