What is Yellow Bamboo?

Yellow Bamboo is a spiritual development organisation founded in Singaraja, Bali with over 33000 members.

The purpose of Yellow Bamboo is to create the necessary power within you to achieve whatever positive outcome you desire.

The main benefits of Yellow Bamboo:

  • Learn a powerful, fast and safe way to awaken your inner power (chi) and use this power for positive purposes
  • Cleanse your soul, energetic bodies and energy pathways so that you feel and become vitalized in body, mind and soul
  • Learn powerful techniques of healing and self defense using your inner power that you develop

According to the founder Pak Nyoman Serengen The Yellow Bamboo has the following aims or goals

1. To get close to the Almighty God with all of his blessings and manifestations and to know the unseen world with all of its phenomena and inhabitants.

2. To get physical and inner protection from God.

3. Increasing the health condition, and the perfection of physical and inner life.

4. To get more and more friends, as many as possible.

5. Training and developing the good attitude and helpful characteristic among all the human beings all over the world, no matter what religion they belong to.


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