What is Yellow Bamboo?

Yellow Bamboo is a practice of spiritual development, healing, health, protection and white magic founded in Singaraja,  the northern tip of Bali.  It is a type of Yoga for  enhancing your inner energies to manifest your spirits positive intentions.

It´s main purpose is to strengthen the practitioners belief and connection to God, and to the universe and to learn harnessing these powers for manifesting healing, protection, peacefulnes or whatever positive outcome is needed.

By a combination of concentration, visualization, breathing exercies and mantras it rapidly builds inner energy (chi).

Yellow Bamboo is a type of Inner Power practice (Tenaga Dalam / Nei Gong). The energy is accumulated using Yoga breathing methods (Pranayama) and meditation, combined with Balinese mantras.

The main benefit of this combination is that Yellow Bamboo produces results quicker than most regular Yoga practices. It is common for new practitioners training intensly  to already feel the energy after only 2-3 days.

The natural elements of the universe exist within our bodies and with practice they can be awakened and amplified for our positive goals. The breath when applying intention, visualization and concentration gives oxygen to the inner fire in our energy center (Dan Tien) which then rises and starts clearing the energy channels of our body.

The benefit of Yellow Bamboo is that you can create the neccesery power within you to achieve any positive goal you desire. Whether it is self-realization/personal development/business development/health/confidence/happiness Yellow Bamboo provides practical methods to help you achieve your goals.

Practice of the Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation cleans stagnant chi and brings in fresh energy to the body leading to a belief in heart and mind that anything can be achieved.

Once you begin to experience the unlimited force of Yellow Bamboo you can truly accomplish whatever you wish.  One of the many benefits of the Yellow Bamboo is the immediate results you obtain actually while you are practicing.

The Yellow Bamboo program is a cohesive, step-by-step method of attaining spiritual and personal development.  You will achieve more spiritual, personal, business and financial development in one month than in years of most yoga and meditation practices.

Yellow Bamboo is based on Balinese Hinduism, at the same time it has similarities to other spiritual practices such as Javanese mysticism, Hinduism, Tibetan Tantra Yoga, Qi Gong.

Yellow Bamboo is compatible with any religion or belief and does not impose any rules on the practitioner, except that you should be good and kind.

Yellow Bamboo has over 33,000 members worldwide. Most are located on the island of Bali, Indonesia.


I regularly organize trainings in Stockholm, Sweden, email me if you´d like to know when is the next training. peter@yellowbamboo.net

Live personal video call training and free training videos

You can practice Yellow Bamboo from your home using the free training videos or through live video call using Skype/Zoom.

I am offering live personal video training over the internet using Skype/Zoom to help you progress. First we schedule a brief call that fits your schedule (no charge) to check what you wish to accomplish and your current level, then we book a time for the training session. You can bring friends too and the price is 120€ per person/session. One training session is roughly 90 min. The training will be adapted to you according to your desired outcomes and learning pace. Chakra balancing/empowerment is included to help you get the most out of the practice and experience your inner power faster. One such training session can give you enough tools for you to practice on your own for several months. Click the button below to order a live training session.

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Aura Scanner Demonstration
I went to my friend Michael B Johnsson who works with MusicAcupuncture and has a machine called BioPulsar-Reflexograph®  or “Aura Scanner” that shows your aura live on a computer screen. All you do is place your hand on the device´s electrodes.   I wanted to see if the effects of Yellow Bamboo meditation could be seen on the computer screen, and this is what happened.   Photo taken Before Yellow Bamboo meditation A straight line in the graph means no stress. Anything above the green line indicates too much energy and anything below the green line indicates a lack of energy, fluctuations indicate stress and/or imbalance.
The aura and the internal organs seemed to be in pretty decent balance from the start, probably because of daily meditation.

Photo taken after a few minutes of Yellow Bamboo meditation I sat down a few minutes and meditated using a few special mantras, and these were the results. Notice the line goes almost perfectly straight on all the organs without fluctuations.

Michael who operates the Aura Scanner was amazed when he saw the aura after the Yellow Bamboo meditation, he asked “How did you do that?”. He thought the aura seemed to show the person in “super concious state” and he had never seen anything like it.

How it began

I will quote Yellow Bamboo teacher John Chow who tells it well.

The mystical visions and mandate of Yellow Bamboo were received on 12th April 1983 during the 10th full moon,  which is a particularly holy one,  by the founder,  Drs. Nyoman Serengen,  originally a school teacher and Silat teacher.  Pak Serengen was meditating in his garden on that day when his peace was disturbed by two yellow butterflies At first he did not pay attention to them.  However,  the butterflies keep surrounding him as if playing around to be caught,  tempting him to chase and catch them,  and annoying him.  Being irritated,  and chased them,  but they escaped.  When they returned again and interrupted his meditation he chased them with a stick and they flew away and hid in a hollow tree. As he chased them he began to shake and he heard a voice,   “This is the beginning”  “Be prepared to receive a mystery guest”.

That night,  anxious and a little frightened,  Pak Nyoman Serengen locked the doors and windows of his room.  He dreamt of a man with a huge body,  who told him, “If you want my help just call my name”,   but the dream ended without him giving his name.  The next night,  he returned in another dream and gave his name as Pendakar Loro Ijo (a great mystic and warrior who was the teacher of many Indonesian kings, princes and saints),  instructing Pak Serengen  “Call my name now to summon me”.   When Pak Serengen called his name,  a storm suddenly blew up and it began to pour with rain,  and a strong wind blew the door of the house open.  The big man who appeared in the dream came in through the flapping door .

Becoming scared Serengen told the man to go away,  which he did.  By now confused as to whether he was awake or asleep Serengen set about pinching himself to find out.  When convinced that he was awake,  he called the name of Loro Ijo again,  with the same result ending with him banishing the big man in fear.  On the third time that he summoned him,   he asked, “Why have you come to me?”   The answer was  “To give you something good”.   “Go to Penimbangan Temple and meditate.” (Temple of Segara Penimbangan Pandji at the District of Singaraja Buleleng,  sacred to the Pandji royal family,  in north Bali). The next day Pak Serengen set out with offerings and incense to meditate at the temple,  but when he arrived the ground opened up in front of him,  and light and flames shot up causing him to drop the offerings and incense and to run all the way home.  When he got there,  he called for Pendakar who told him to return.  Attempting a second time,  he still could not overcome his fear,  but at the third time,  when he was about to run,  a huge hand picked him up and threw him into a thorn bush.  He tried to fight with the hand in order to escape,  but only managed to tire himself out.  The hand then threw him into the temple.  Battered and terrified,  he thought  “Kill me now!”   At that point he was able to sit and meditate for three days straight.  He returned again and again to the temple to meditate continuously for 7, 9, 11, 15, 17, 19, 21 up to 42 days and nights.  By the end of that period,  Pak Serengen received a spiritual teaching, which has given him extraordinary powers.

Written by John Chow,  based mainly on articles by Paul Terrell

17 October 2004