Aura Scanner Demonstration
I went to my friend Michael B Johnsson who works with MusicAcupuncture and has a machine called BioPulsar-Reflexograph®  or “Aura Scanner” that shows your aura live on a computer screen. All you do is place your hand on the device´s electrodes.   I wanted to see if the effects of Yellow Bamboo meditation could be seen on the computer screen, and this is what happened.   Photo taken Before Yellow Bamboo meditation A straight line in the graph means no stress. Anything above the green line indicates too much energy and anything below the green line indicates a lack of energy, fluctuations indicate stress and/or imbalance.
The aura and the internal organs seemed to be in pretty decent balance from the start, probably because of daily meditation.

Photo taken after a few minutes of Yellow Bamboo meditation I sat down a few minutes and meditated using a few special mantras, and these were the results. Notice the line goes almost perfectly straight on all the organs without fluctuations.

Michael who operates the Aura Scanner was amazed when he saw the aura after the Yellow Bamboo meditation, he asked “How did you do that?”. He thought the aura seemed to show the person in “super concious state” and he had never seen anything like it.