About me

My journey began in 2001, as a 16 year old teenager I was lucky enough to meet the first Yellow Bamboo teacher outside of Bali, Paul Terrell, who showed me a video of how they were practicing at a beach in Bali. I was amazed at what I saw regarding self defense and healing abilities but somewhat skeptical. It is definitely worth me testing it out for myself before I dismiss it, I thought. So I started practicing and over the following months and years I would have countless experiences confirming to myself and others that this is indeed a very powerful practice of spiritual and personal development.

During the years I was fortunate enough to practice personally with the founder of Yellow Bamboo, Nyoman Serengen on numerous occasions where I received special training and empowerments, among them the highest “Antaboga Dragon empowerment”. In 2004 I was asked to hold the first Yellow Bamboo training in the U.S in San Diego at the “Wake Up … Live The Life You Love” event hosted by Steven E. During the same trip I was also interviewed and officially represented Yellow Bamboo on national U.S TV channel G4techTV on the show “Unscrewed” with host Martin Sargent. Other than Yellow Bamboo and my interrest in personal development I am a full time IT professional working with ITIL.